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Sunny Morning

Hard to believe this on a sunny mild Tuesday morning:


We are securing the WT doors and rigging the dogs for flooding.  Virginia zones the evacuation areas and has suggested that zone A be evacuated as of today.  It’s very hard to determine which zone one lives in because the topography varies widely.  An elevation of just a few feet makes a big difference.  According to a map I finally located, we are in zone C.  However the zone A border is a couple of hundred yards south just across the golf course in back of the house. 

9/11.  We say we’ll never forget but an awful lot of folks have.  One school forbid pictures because… Islamophobia. Sigh... The reality is not we’ll never forget but that we’ll never learn… Britain has already lost the war.  It isn’t socialism or communism to fear.  The siege is on and as usual the liberals are aiding and abetting.


Had a chat with Scott this morning.  Kayla was elected to the Student Council.  I warned him not to let her go democrat on him.  I am blessed with right wing barbarian children.  I want the same for him.

Two other things that depress me: The first is the incredibly corrupt attempt by the FBI and DOJ to get PDT.  There has already been enough hard evidence to hang the senior players and more is coming out daily.  To wit: the Strzok/Page texts that spoke of the media leak strategy.  At this point if someone produced a written order from hussein detailing the plan, the news interpreters would fling some shiny baubles about, ignor the crimes and nothing would happen. Arrrgh….

The second is the dedication of liberals to the murder of unborn children.  Activists attacked the home of a pro-life lawmaker…?  What…? Yeah.  Read here. I know my aging mind cannot handle a lot of things anymore but this one just makes me want to scream and shout.

Finally for those who would minimize the horror and pure evil of what happened on 9/11, I invite their attention to this:


May God save this country and her people from themselves in the name of Jesus Christ.  


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