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Sunny Saturday

After heavy, heavy rains and sustained winds in excess of 30 knts, this morning is a joy.  Even Marley, who won’t go outside without a person, roamed the back yard to suck up the rays.

OK. Tributes are in order.  Peggy Noonan’s column this morning on the unserious democrats was excellent.  She did have to call PDT mad and evil but her description of the dems was spot on.  Credit when credit is due.

Speaking of PDT, he has released some great campaign ads.  Go here to see a pretty good one.  It’s too long but the first couple of segments give you the picture.

From what I read this morning there was not much to the dem debate last night… Did anyone even know there was one…?  


I ate the last scone this morning.  Day old scones are not a treat.  I know everyone enjoyed the picture from yesterday...

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As you must know by now Lt. Col Vindman no longer works at the NSC.  I suspect his career in the US Army may be a bit limited.  I would have sympathy but he got political.  He said he disagreed with the President on policy… He must have missed the Liberty College course on the Constitution… Or maybe he had the liberals version in mind…

Tired joke but never gets old in my book:


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