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My tee time isn’t until 10:20 this morning so It’s a relaxing morning.  I have time to dawdle.  

I don’t do FaceBook, as you know, and I have backed away from Google to the best of my ability.  I realize it doesn’t matter.  “They” already know everything.  I used to think that “They” was some mysterious government entity involving tin hats and black helicopters but I am wiser now that I am almost old.  I know now “They” refers to evil advertising giants who pry lifestyle data from the ether surrounding all of us.  They don’t even need black helicopters. They use cookies… 

Now FaceBook is under the gun… and why…? Not because they steal and sell the souls of their users; not because they spy and pry until even detail is exposed… The reason is some group thought to be helping Trump gathered data from the FB files.  Never mind the DNC harvested the same information with full FB cooperation back when it was thought it might and probably did benefit hussein.  Crime or no crime  always depends on political context.  


Kimberly details the murky, fly infested pile of FBI evasions and redactions as they attempt to escape the the cleansing light of investigation.  As she puts it:

Here’s what has become very clear: The FBI relied significantly on a Clinton opposition-research document in pursuing its Trump investigation. No amount of diversionary talk over other evidence can now change that. 

Sadly, if the dems take back the house, which is more and more likely, they will cover and obfuscate the criminals to the extent we will never get any justice for the atrocities committed on behalf of bb hil by the leadership of the hussein administration.   

Time for my daily dose of pain from SAMSUNG.  I wonder what list my name appears on… Is it the radical right wing barbarian list… or the bb hil hit list… or the man who calls hussein by his name list… or, most likely, the idiot who thinks corporations like SAMSUNG should honor their warranty list.


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