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I’ve got nothing today. The cartoons are all repeats.  PDT continues to make himself hard to love and… well you know… democrats bad… liberals stupid.

I have plans to play golf tomorrow for the first time since October.  It’s supposed to to be warm and sunny… at least according to the Mueller report.  There are dissenting voices…

Our newly adopted Islamic democrat, GraciePearl, is thoroughly convinced that the dining room rug is a place for material deposits. We aren’t sure how best to break the pattern.  Locking her in the room at night is effective but stuffy.  Maybe have to break out the crate.  We’ve checked the Koran for applicable passages but she fails the Five Pillars so we are thinking her faith may not be pure.

I spent a significant number of telephone hours trying to swap our timeshare week in Hilton head for one in LV with Scott and family.  Didn’t work out.  The time share trade can be a scam, although it did work out for Branson and Bali a long time ago.  With age comes change…

From Joe: Hitler finds out the Mueller report is out: 

Here’s a cartoon I have been sitting on waiting for the right rant.  Might as well throw in in now:


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