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Supposed to be 

a rainy dreary day today.  Thunderstorms will be the message but…ah… will there be thunder at the debate…  I've already committed to that subject so won’t beat the horse other than to say I think Wallace will be a great moderator.  He is tough and even though he is clearly no fan of PDT, I think he will treat both sides with equal contempt.

Princess Amy, soon to be Queen, will meet with the Senate today.  Some democrats will not meet with her because of lofty moral objections to her a) gender b) racial insensitivity shown by adopting black children c) membership in the evil cult of Christianity or perhaps because of the illegality of her nomination by PDT.   I might also add in the factor of …shudder…democrat.

Otherwise I will be spending time with Pastor Andy Stanley as we explore the definition of the word Christian in order that I might have something to say to the class on Sunday morning.

Although Judy and Mike are wonderful contributors of cartoon material, I couldn’t find any that would put a point on today.  This one from Mike does ring true even if a non-sequitur …


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