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The breaking news on ralph northam is not his advocacy of post-birth murder of infants.  Instead the entire spectrum of news interpreters is focused on a yearbook picture that includes blackface and KKK robed figures, one of which is of northam.  Apparently in the eyes of modern society, it is an unforgivable sin to exercise irony in any form where race might be target.  Except caucasian of course. Privilege excepted.  The fact that a pediatrician advocates baby murder is OK but appear in black face….?  Hang the bastard…!  

OK, from my perspective over here in the right hand corner, I take great delight in seeing the Kavanaugh persecution being applied to one of the left’s favorite children.  Had this sort of evidence been to a republican, there would have been actual tar and feathering   In northam’s case, the interpreters will find a way to forgive and cover, and in a couple of days it will be PDT’s shutdown that caused the whole kerfluffel.


In other news, what’s his name, Schultz, the Starbucks guy running for president, has the left panicked that he might draw some democrat votes.  This morning I saw some interpreter weeny suggesting it is only about ego with Schultz.  Right.  And to what do we attribute, booker, harris, gillibrand., et al…? Here is a list of their collective accomplishments:

(well, OK, booker destroyed Newark)

There is some mystery about an actor in New York who was allegedly attacked by individuals spewing hate.  Evidence seems to be sketchy but in any case the interpreters have decided it is a crime worth lobbying for and evidence of how PDT has corrupted the life and times.  The individual, whose name I have never heard before and can’t be troubled to look up, spoke out to assure his public that his spirt is strong.  He needed to voice support for his mis-gendered brothers and sisters… OK.  Just lost interest.

The cartoons over at PowerLine this morning are great.  Too many good ones to steal.  Check them out.

OK maybe  this one:

IMG 1244

My computer and the email system have me ready to vote democrat this morning.  In other words…nuts.  Emails are missing, accounts disappearing, accounts not working… I might have to go back to plain old phone calls… But probably not.  I am addicted to right wing fake news.  Anyway I am pretty sure it’s google toying with me in retribution for my hateful and callous rejection of their world domination plan.  Keep an eye on your facebook accounts for pictures of me labeled as an old man.  Remember, just because you are paranoid doesn’t meant they aren’t out to get you…

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