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Last year I was in Washington for a quiet celebration of my birthday.  Played golf with Dave and then was massively surprised by a gathering of all my loved ones.  Kids, family and friends…

This morning I received a special video call via WhatsApp.  Scott initiated the call but it was unique because his family are in different countries.  Tika is in Hong Kong; Kalya is in Malaysia; Scott is in Manila; Kelly is home in Jakarta.  By the wonder of technology I got video from all but Tika simultaneously.  Tika couldn’t join because the max is four conversations.  Amazing.

For the record, Scott is on a school trip, Kayla is on a dance recital trip, Tika is with a friend who is having a baby, and Kelly is home.

As you and I know full well, I am overwhelmingly biased both overtly and subconsciously.  So news that the Prime Minister of Canada is suffering tremendous anguish over his appearance in black face is best described as tilligas… However his pitiful apology stinks of hypocrisy so I hope this “scandal” drags him to the darkest corners of personal hell. Watching the “Five” on FOX: One panelist said trudeau is Canada’s version of beto… LOL

Kimberly once again says it like I wish I could.  In her WSJ enlightenment this morning she points out how  the DOJ IG appeared before an obscure Congressional committee and testified concerning the criminal doings of the leaders of the FBI.  She noted: unlike mueller, who was barely coherent, Horowitz was sharp and brilliant. Notably no news interpreter coverage and no democrats interested.  They were all busy covering the testimony of Lewandowski over at nadler’s circus.  Even knowing how biased the interpreters are I can’t get over the coverup of the greatest political scandal in American history.  It truly makes me hatefully nauseous. 

We are very lucky to be here today.  Yesterday while taking Damon to the vet as we approached a green light at an intersection-we were doing about 35… A car in the opposite left turn lane pulled out in front of us.  Hit the brakes just in time because that car was followed by another who turned across two lanes and careened in front of us close enough that were were separated by a couple of molecules.  How we didn’t collide is only known to God who must have been present.  Happened so fast I didn’t even have time to soil myself.  I suppose those idiots are laughing somewhere about the close call.  I am not.

Damon is a struggle.  He has unlimited energy and we must keep him quiet so he doesn’t further injure his mangled foot.  He just doesn’t understand.  We have a rubber boot for him to wear when he goes outside for the necessary.  He hates it and sheds it quickly and easily.  Now his bandage is wet and dirty.  Nightmare…

I needed this one yesterday:

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No comment on the current major crises of PDT and the whistleblower.  I have no idea what that is all about but it sounds like yet another sky is falling issue created by anonymous sources and frantic democrats.


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