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I’m pretty hard to surprise. I am so cynical and suspicious that I treat every out of character instance as a conspiracy. But mostly because my wife has a millisecond fuse on secrets.  Her leak rate puts her right up there with the colander,  sieve, the DOJ and FBI… Clearly she wasn’t in on it.

Judy invited us for quiet celebration of my birthday.  We’d have dinner, play some golf and maybe see a broadway show I had no interest in seeing. Yeah relaxing.  Just the four of us…we did all of that on Friday ( my birthday) and then Saturday we went to dinner.  I opened the door and saw my son Scott who I knew for a fact was in Jakarta;  my sister who had just sent me a happy birthday text from Minnesota; Grandson Steven who is embedded in Washington State; Bonnie and Joe who were in Virginia Beach for the Air Show; family from everywhere… Was I surprised…?  uh… yes… my jaw is still dislocated from hitting the floor.

Judge Kavanaugh may be facing some brutal opposition but he should be very grateful it isn’t Daughter Kathleen and Sister-in-law Judy who are conspiring against him.  He would be toast.

Moments of pure joy in life are few and hard to describe.  Experiencing that much love sits at the very top of my list. 

On the way home yesterday we, with sister Betty, stopped off to see my 92 year old Aunt Bunny.  She is as alert and spy as a teen ager.  When no one would sit before she did she simply flopped on the floor and said I’ll sit here.  When we arrived in a light rain she ran out to the car to help Mei Mei get in the house. And when I say ran that’s what she did.  She fixed us a dinner of true southern fried chicken and we chatted about family.  She has a letter from my Dad written to his Mom in 1948 that was so prescient, I have to include a quote:

“I’m ‘bout the same - except for being very unhappy with our Army today and with our present day young men. I guess FDR ruined this country. People don’t believe in work anymore. The world owes the last generation a living. I can’t understand it and I hope it isn’t true but I’m afraid it is. God help us if we have another war under the leadership of our present- coming generation. It really will be sad, but I guess the people have been seeing things that way for hundreds of years.”

I have a lot of pent up ranting to do but not this morning.  I am still in the glow of that Joy.  There is no meaningful way to say Thank You.  But.. Thank You.

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