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Tail wags

Pearl is at my feet, wagging her tail every time I look at her.  She may be very tough to let go given our single dog status.  Scott and the girls called the morning.  Early this morning.  They saw her and suggested they might like to meet her in June…. Oh dear…

IMG 1747

Fancy nancy wants PDT to put off the SOTU address.  Of course she does.  He gets to stand in front of her, looking down and tell her all of the facts and reasons she and chuckie are so very wrong in their purely political petulance.  I so look forward to the constipated look on their respective faces.

A right wing activist, Laura Loomer, has been protesting in front of fancy nancy’s home asking why nancy maintains a locked door policy when all that is wanted is to be able to make a sandwich to feed the hungry.  There is a banner with faces of those murdered by the illegals that the democrats so favor.  Nice to see the left getting a taste of their own poor manners even if the interpreters have ruled you shall be unaware of the story.

It seems from what I read that the democrats are fully prepared to push their socialist, perhaps communistic agenda and stand by it proudly.  That the Great American Voter gave them this chance is concrete bucket around the feet of this nation as we slide off the dock.  It’s enough to make a person old.

We leave for Disney in just a few days for the all adult trip.  Not sure why exactly we are going except… why not…?  

 Pam sent this to her Mom. The package arrived unmarked so we assumed Judy had sent it to me.

IMG 1745

That’s why it ended up on my desk. Tolerated is perhaps too strong a word…  

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