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We made it to Alexandria Thursday in 3 hours 20 minutes.  Did not have to hit the brakes at all.  Pam and her family (less Jackson), Megan, Tyler and Kelly (+James) and 5 dogs.  Judy brought another one Friday.  No issues except hair.

Gracie, Kathleen and Megan were heavily stressed:

Got home Saturday afternoon after four hours of the normal I-95.  Dogs were very happy to be home.  We were happy to have made it safely but miss the warmth of the family gathering.  The Fuqua's built a brunch of bacon, eggs. pancakes and fried potatoes.  Judy and Catherinemargaret joined us.

One of the benefits of exposing Mei Mei to family is she seems to acquiesce to reason and logic from her sister and daughters.  My words hit the stubbornness barrier and fall unheard.  Not so with her girls.  Kathleen persuaded her of the evil of FaceBook in about 30 seconds whereas my years of the same logic never penetrated.  YeHaw and God bless my daughter.  Mei Mei’s FaceBook account went into the ether this morning.


Next up AOL

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