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That sucks...

The Commonwealth surrendered to the dems.  Now Virginia can look forward to the glory that blue governance has brought to other states.  We can be California now or even Connecticut. Doesn’t bode well for 2020.  VaBch at least held off the liberal onslaught but only barely. 

I have become fairly numb to the massacre of innocents by the deranged.  That flaw is imbedded  deep in the human psyche.  If God grants me the opportunity, that will be the first of the why questions I will have for the Q&A desk.  

That said, the horrendous murder of mothers and their children in Mexico leaves me with a raging anger.  I am angry that Mexico allows those animals to thrive.  I am angry that the anarchy in Mexico is largely the fault of the drug culture in this country. I am angry at the liberal society that tolerates  and enables that culture.  What salves the red haze behind my eyes is the fact that we have a President who is also angry enough to disregard the politics.  It wouldn’t surprise me if orders have already been given to track down and eliminate the perpetrators. 

I’d better quit for today given my well documented insensitivity.  I might say something seditious in nature or, God forbid, offend someone.


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