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The aftermath

PDT walked away.  So what am I to make of the NBC news flash that appeared out of nowhere suggesting PDT was ready to accept less than complete denuc and that was disgraceful.  Some might say fake news but in fact it was very typical of the Interpreters to jab at the Prez, while ignoring facts - whatever those are.

How patriotic of the dems to host that giant sleazebag Cohen the very day PDT was striving for peace in Hanoi. On the other hand sleaze is the currency of the democrat party and they could not function without it.

That PDT would see someone like Cohen as an intimate associate is certainly problematic but not at all surprising. I’t won’t affect my vote but then I generally vote against rather than for.

Got this from Mike and meant to post it yesterday.  Hectic day.  Left undone much of what ought to have been done. Sinner indeed...


Lost among the interpreters was the story of how the dems voted down a bill to preserve life of surviving abortions.  The sacrifice of sacred souls is now fundamental to the left.  There is no compromise and no remorse and it’s all in the name of … reproductive rights…? With apologies to dear friends, where is the screaming outrage from the Catholic Church on this.  Why no excommunications..?  How can the Church acquiesce to the democrat position of infanticide…? How can a true Catholic vote democrat…?  Makes no sense.


My Sunday lesson concerns references to Christ outside the Bible. I was surprised to note some very strong references.  Granted He could have used a better PR firm in the early days, but He was a little busy what with crucifixions and resurrections.  Fortunately when one has a product like Grace and eternal life, the publicity tends to be self-generating, news interpreters notwithstanding.

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