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The beat goes on

The great American news interpreters continue to rally around the deposed and disgraced former FBI democrat operative.  The current theme is he may well be guilty but we just don’t know, so why was the firing rushed before the evidence was in.  Damn that PDT anyway.  The fact that mccabe was labeled corrupt back in January and and had to step aside as the evidence was weighed and sorted is apparently not admissible in this court.  

Victor Davis Hanson, VDH to his intimates, ranks right up there among Kimberly and my other favorites.  That he happens to identify as male is neither here nor there.  He posed several questions in a recent column that demand answers and they are brilliant.  I so wish I had asked these… Please read here.  I apologize for introducing that high level of rationality at this place.  I know you expect less of me.

I hear the Austin bomber blew himself up as the authorities closed in on him ( or her or whatever).  I haven’t read of the politics yet.  Usually that’s the first character trait the interpreters go for, hoping of course Xhe turns out to pro-Trump or at least a republican.  Most bombers have some sort of allegiance to sharia law, if you will allow me my moment of islamophobia… 

Halley had a good check up.  They took additional X-rays hoping to discover some way to repair the long damaged joint and ease her pain.  Odds are low.  We can delay posting her until the X-rays have been read and pondered.  Don’t ask…

Another school shooting, this one in Maryland where gun control is strict.  Apparently the deputy assigned for school safety rushed in and shot the bad kid, perhaps saving lives.  The shooter had neglected to bring his fully automatic, gas assisted high capacity magazine clip.    Knowing as we do that bullets from such an apparatus travel much faster that those from a handgun, the deputy’s life was probably saved by the circumstances.  Shall we celebrate the brave man who did his job and dispatched the criminally demented kid… nah…  Doesn’t fit the narrative.

My sympathies to those in the NE who are watching snow generate from the climate changed, anthropogenetically warmed environment.  We in VB have very cold rain which might contain a flake or two here on the second day of Spring.  The daffodils are distinctly unhappy.  Golf starts next week, algore permitting.

PDT called Putin to congratulate him on his successful manipulation of the Russian system to cement a measure of totalitarianism.  This, in spite of demands that he not do so, thus reinforcing the already rampant collusion.  In my mind the man is already impeached.  


I just can’t wait for Stormy to get her story out.  I heard she has Cyrillic characters tattooed in places unmentionable that may possible translate to putin and Trump had his hands all over them.

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