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The brink...

I can’t imagine the screeching anguish among the liberals should PDT get a second term.  And should the congress swing back to republican control, look for the insanity to overflow.

There will be a point where good people will no longer take the abuse.  A conservative journalist was badly beaten by the radical Antifa in Portland.  No one including the police seem very concerned.  Restaurant employees spit at republicans with the support of the management.  The owner of the Red Hen, that foul restaurant that ran Sarah Sanders out, said Trump people deserve the abuse.  The NYT endorsed the doxxing of border parol agents… And lets not forget the attempted murder of Scalise by a democrat… Should the republican world take such action the condemnation would be over the top; but one day and perhaps not in the distant future, the retribution will unleash and there will be blood in the streets.  That reaction is in our DNA, given the cause that formed this nation. 

Scott takes his family on to the west today, leaving us once again with a large empty house.  We had eggs benedict again this morning as a parting meal.  We’ll have to do a careful nose count of dogs lest a few get packed away by the girls.

We had a call from Jackson over the weekend.  He sounded very strong and upbeat,  Things seem to be going well.  We won’t be able to attend his graduation but his Mom and Dad and two siblings will be there and that is important. He goes right from Boot Camp to Submarine School.  

I don’t have time to do this rant so I’ll let Ramirez do it for me:


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