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The Climate

is changing… No really… You deniers out there must come to grips with the science.  After 77 days of rain and wind, we here in the blue commonwealth, have seen three, count them, three, consecutive days of bright sunshine.  If that’s not catastrophic climate change then color me blue and make me vote democrat…  I know putrid johnny kerry gave us 7 years but it’s looking more like we may be done before April...


We are approaching the date for the heart worm treatment for the foster girls.  They require a quiet environment after treatment to avoid the risk of dead worm fragments moving into the lungs.  I suspect we will be preparing a doggy detention center to hold the energetic but undocumented disease bearers until the applications for asylum are processed.  

Sometimes I think I may be playing for the wrong team.  I mean God refuses my prayers to bring justice down on the maleficent democrats; then He recalls the talent of Rush; and now He takes Tiger out of circulation… Don’ t even get me started on the democrat who won the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes…  Mei Mei has been feeding that kitty for 40 years.


  © Robert Graham