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The Climate

has granted us a dreary, rainy day that promises dropping temperatures.  yuk

I know I can sometimes find humor in things normal society doesn’t.  Actually that’s a privilege derived from being almost old.  Example:  I laughed out loud this morning as I considered the testimony stage managed by schiff in his theater of the big I.   Ukraine charges d’affaires, William Taylor, testified he had  heard from an aide friend that had overheard part of a conversation between Sondland and Trump that mentioned “investigations.”

 ... (pause here to reconsider what was just said)… 


 shouted the Great American New Interpreters in unison.  And that was followed by one of the brain damaged dems on the committee who stated hearsay can be much stronger evidence than direct.  Good Lord.  That’s so pathetic it is laugh out loud funny…


Its silly to sit here and argue the democrats have no case.  They know it.  That is evident in the fact they allow schiff to chair this thing.  He, who" doesn’t even know the name" of the “whistle blower” that he met with… what a buffoon .  Even the dems don’t believe him…  They know there is no hope in removing PDT… but perhaps they can damage his name enough to win the election. If so we could have skipped this theater…  HE does that on his own.  

I hear the IG report is coming out any day now… Right.  Been hearing that since last year.  Stand by for major disappointment together with the apparent suicide of the IG…

We watched a PBS show on the great hunt clubs of the late 19th century that dotted the shelter islands along the Virginia Coast. These were large refuges for the rich and famous built along the scarcely inhabited sand and grasslands near the water. Patronage vanished as the society that made them possible changed.  But more significant was the impact from storms and the pressure of the sea.  The attempt to keep Nature from reclaiming the barren stretches of sand and grass was a battle man simply could not win.  Seeing the pictures of what was and what is now is was pretty graphic.  Large, well constructed, hotel buildings simply vanished as the wild terrain took back its own. 

 And yet there are those who are sure with just the right taxes, we can control the climate…  To support that case I was told that someone had been told by a friend that he had overheard part of a conversation between a clergy and God that mentioned the word Climate…


aa© Robert Graham 2012