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The Commonwealth and it is to laugh

Mike asked me if I was considering running for Governor.  I told him it was too late.  In light of the Methodist Church crises, I have converted to Islam and am planning to move to Yemen.

Blackface is a an unforgivable sin…?  Wow.  Who knew. What about football players who put black under their eyes…? How about those SpecForces who use face paint to enhance their camouflage…?  I have a dog face teeshirt… Will Peta let me wear it again…?


Karl Rove had a piece in the WSJ this morning on the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for the democrats.  warren and her declaration of American Indian… The drab, totally negative reaction to an upbeat and well accepted SOTU from PDT… The democrat meltdown in VA… The celebration of infanticide legislation in NY and from the GovVA.  Good stuff.  It’s already old news of course and the interpreters will just move on to PDT’s next tweet.


The climate is lovely today.  High may go into the 80’s.  Tomorrow is expected to be much the same and I will be playing golf… Good Lord willin’, yada yada…  I make this note because tomorrow is Kathleen’s birthday and I will not be available to write about it.

Happy Birthday Kathleen.

PS… I have decided that Yemen may not support my gaming habit, and praying 5 time a day is hard, especially since I don’t know any Koranic verses. I think I’ll go with Mormonism… How bad could it be in Utah anyway…?

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