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The day after

Father’s Day was subdued. No children.  I couldn’t even have a dessert because I had to have my blood drawn to check my a1C number.  That happened this morning so Mei Mei and I went to breakfast after, for pancakes and hash browns… Diabetes be damned.  

I know.  A lot of people fall off bikes. In 2019,  308,864 folks were injured while cycling.  There are no stats I could find on how many were injuring while falling from a stopped bicycle.  But we know that your vacationing president, p*, increased that count by one. 


In other words:


Tomorrow is primary day.  We will vote of course.  There are a couple of viable candidates.  We seek the one who can beat the incumbent democrat.  She is labeled a “moderate” but serves on the bogus January 6th committee, and has voted as directed by nan the ripper for every hair brained woke bill the dems have put forth from the house.  By her votes she shares responsibility for the state of the nation.  

Romantic meme of the day:

  © Robert Graham