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The day before


A lot of people I know did not vote for PDT.  They voted against bb hil given the evils we were allowed to choose.  As the winning started and continued, those who would not have voted for him on his own merits have mollified their criticism.  No one likes his bellicose tweets but everyone likes the world he wants to shape.  The deregulation; the growth in jobs; the strength of his foreign policy; his respect for both law and order and the military; his willingness to say it how it is; and certainly not least: his intent to insure the integrity of our borders.  Given that, it is hard to understand why voters would reject those who would continue the winning.  But there is much in life, in fact most of life, that escapes my comprehension.  As I have repeatedly stated, I am going and not coming and so the outcome will barely tweak my life.  But many of those I love will have to deal with the mobs and the resulting destruction of a great nation and that is depressing indeed.

It’s wet and dark this morning, the time change not withstanding.  The dogs don’t understand why the feeding schedule changed. Neither does my body understand the new sleep schedule.  

I notice that as the miscreants who accused Justice Kavanaugh are now showing as liars and manipulators, the interpreters have lost all interest.  Where can you read that one accuser admitted she lied for the attention…?  Where can you read that NBC sat on exculpatory evidence for weeks…? Again where to get the details of the swetnick-avanetti scheme that is now referred to the FBI…? According to this story, a man has come forward and said perhaps the delusional Ford woman confused him and his actions with Kavanaugh.  But you won’t see this on CNN…

Lena is very attached to Mei Mei.  She whines when Mei Mei leaves the house and watches at the window as the car backs out of the driveway.  We will not adopt Lena because she is only three.  She needs a home where folks are not nearing old age.  She does have an interested family who will come to visit soon.  When she is adopted we will only have Roscoe.  Maybe only one dog is OK for us now...

Over the week SNL, which hasn’t been funny in several decades permitted this weasel, gender not assumed, to mock a former Navy Seal who lost an eye in action.  I cannot adequately express my contempt. How fun it would be for the person so pictured to visit a VaBch bar with active duty members of that elite group of hero warriors.  He would need several changes of underwear.


And while we are talking about acts of great heroism, I should mention the wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints who after catching what appeared to be the winning touchdown, then put the entire game in jeopardy by doing some silly cell phone celebration stunt evoking a 15 yard penalty on the kick off.  What an idiot… Overpaid, over publicized, non-contributor to society.  

OK.  My rage is spilling over.  I need to take a pill or a nap or something.  

I miss Harry.

aa© Robert Graham 2012