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The mask...

Has there ever been a more ridiculous issue to divide friends and family…?  It’s hard to imagine anything sillier.  Those who hate the mask do so with some logic.  There is a strong case for adverse health effects from the constant presence of a fabric hindering  breathing and serving as a deposit for various questionable contaminates. Those who advocate have a case for the same fabric blocking the spread of particles during a sneeze or cough thus protecting others.  There is no argument for self protection as, at least the rational among us acknowledge, the tiny virus laughs at the gaping holes in the mask.

Yet as the rage pours forth against the removal of the mandate, most disaffected  argue they need the self protection.  “No matter what they say, I’ll still wear the mask to protect myself from the others” cry the folks.  Even more perplexing is the association of politics with to mask or not.   My opinion Is the mask is relatively useless and very, very annoying.  I do wear the silly thing when I visit a managed care facility every week.  My motive is to protect the vulnerable from my exhalations since I enter from the outside where life is not pure.  

One final visual as a closing argument.  The graph illustrates that states mandating masks and those that did not, had no difference in covid reaction.

As the say in matters of logic: Q.E.D.

  © Robert Graham