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The Morning After

PDT does makes it difficult for those who favor his presidency.  His waffling on Russian meddling in our election affairs is one of those nuts he offers us that simply won’t crack.  Byron York offers a cogent explanation here (link) that bears reading.  He thinks for the Donald to admit russian interference, would imply those who accuse him of collusion have a case.  I think most thinking persons can make the distinction but then again PDT is harassed by those who do not necessarily fall in that category.


The interview with Wallace was fascinating.  Wallace like his Dad before him is a superb interviewer; hard questions; no slack.  Putin was masterful, dodging what he didn’t like, turning the question to his advantage and was very much in charge of the interview.  Two things: he chose FOX over all other forums who would have loved to get the chance; he showed why he and probably only he was able to return a mess like Russia to the world stage after the total collapse of the Soviet Union.  When GWB looked into his eyes, I suspect it wasn’t really a soul he saw.  He saw carefully crafted evil.

I have other things to do such as preparing lesson for SS, new books to read (new Silva is out), games to play, and Roscoe.  He keeps asking me for a job. Sigh… 

Late entry:  Roger Simon’s piece on the Summit.  Good stuff. (link)

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