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The morning after…the dem debate

or the morning before… I didn’t and don’t plan to watch so I am uniquely qualified to condemn everything… I did check the reviews… One commentator declared either PDT or those who didn’t watch as the winner…

I continue to gag over the liberal stand on abortion…  apparently the term is now "reproductive justice” and is inclusive of “trans-women” -  you know those with the equipment but no uterus and a desire to use the ladies bathroom.  If the Great American Voter buys in to this crap I’ll be begging God to take me away.

The kids are off to breakfast this morning.  They love Waffle House… I did make them Eggs Bene a couple of days ago.  I got the coveted Tika thumbs up…

Roscoe had an eye check to be sure the growth removal was OK.  He passed. Lets see… other dogs news. Ginger will go on the available list after the kids leave, Hope is doing OK except for her obsession with the TV.  We watched the Women’s soccer match the other day and Hope tried to crawl into the screen.  Couldn’t tell if she wanted the ball or to chew or that Rapinoe lady who is so anti America…Gracie Pearl continues to do exactly what she wants

Kathleen and Megan are coming down tomorrow to spend the weekend with the Grahams. Today, Scott and I will play 9 holes with our superstar teenager.  Then tomorrow I will take Kayla with me when to fill in our regular Friday foursome.  She will beat us all but can you tell which direction my pride tends to…?

Questions, questions….


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