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The Rot Within

Everyone knows that the democrats are sliming a good and faithful servant because and only because they hate PDT.  There is no other consideration. Not deeply held moral beliefs; not reasoned rejection of the man’s judicial record; Not even a contemptuous view of his physical appearance.  Just hate… Sadly it will be the undoing of us all.  

The anger generated in the viscera of the common man was what brought about the PDT phenomena in the first place. Post election consideration among rational commentators agreed the wave of rejection had nothing to do with the "principled republicans".  PDT was the only the alternative to the sick, mindless national destruction represented and demonstrated by the democrat party.  Why…? Simply because he was the only one who shouted the words people wanted to hear shouted.  The words that reflected their feelings; an outlet to their anger that had been constrained and held within by the racial component of hussein.

Should that rot within result in a blue takeover of the legislative branch, how does the Nation benefit…? I’d laugh at that ridiculous notion but it isn’t at all funny.   There will be violence beyond that of San Francisco, Detroit and Chicago… We are watching the active destruction of this nation in real time.


You noticed, of course, that feinstein, after tossing her ball of feces to the compliant interpreters, simply disappeared from view.  No attempt to answer why she had not brought the matter to the attention of the Judicial Committee in a timely and proper manner…  She simply leaked and ducked for cover.  That is what passes for moral courage among the left.  She, feinstein, is… ah…. uh… struggling here… Oh, for a better vocabulary...    She is a democrat.

Can you tell I am angry…?  Was I able to disguise it with subtle humor…?  Oh well…maybe its just because I am almost old.  Actually its mostly this:


aa© Robert Graham 2012