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The story...

 In the movies or fictional novels, the “goods", the proof of corruption and evil, are on a flash drive and the once the quest for possession is complete, the contents are turned over to the Lords of Justice.  The bad guys are perp walked, tried, convicted and the world is once again pure and safe.

In reality, sometimes the “goods" are collected; sometimes the “goods" are invented; but there are no Lords of Justice.  To wit: the Smollett case.  The corruption is blatant.  Payoff is made or pressure applied and Justice sinks into the swamp. No one cares about the optics.  This is Chicago after all.  And what is Chicago…?  I sense the stench of democrat… sort of a hussein aroma...


 Or take the Mueller situation in which case the “goods", or Dossier if you will, were fabricated and cultivated by the Lords of Justice. Andrew McCarthy asks: When did Mueller know this was a nothing burger…? Probably from day one… How much did Mueller know about the corruption of the FBI and DOJ by the hussein crowd…?  For Goodness sakes, he was the previous director and knew intimately all of the players involved… So why two years, millions of $$$, ruined lives while feeding a foaming, high dither voltage democrat constituency…?  Well, suffice it say, right and wrong were ill defined and there is no Justice.

How do you like them eggs…?

I looked for a picture to best illustrate my rant.  Here it is:


My head hurts and my stomach aches.  But it’s probably just pollen.  Thank God for pollen.



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