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The week

We were supposed to be playing golf at Hilton Head this week.  We cancelled because we didn’t feel comfortable leaving Harry.  Although his physical health seems fine, he gets distressed if he can’t find us.  His vision and hearing are poor and of course his mobility is limited.  Nothing wrong with his appetite and he still wants to be the only one getting attention.  That’s pretty much where I’ll after I get old. Next week, some time.

I guess I do have guardian angels.  I had a routine PaceMaker check last week.  I got a text from Pam asking me I was OK because she had seen via the Friends App that I was at a hospital.

Nice climate today.  Still a tad on the chilly side but perhaps we can play golf this week without five layers of clothing.  We are opening the pool today if the ice melts.


Don’t you wonder what was really going on in hussein administration…?  The stink alone is frightening.  The revelation over the weekend that the “russian collusion” investigation was started within the State Department and DOJ because of feeds from the clinton confederates and without any hard  intelligence what so ever should shock people to their core.  The brazen arrogance of biased and corrupt government who thought they were immune because…clinton.   PDT sometimes makes me hold my nose but I have to celebrate and give thanks to God for all that we avoided.

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