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The week that was

We left for Orlando early Monday morning to do Disney and Universal in a week.  We did it. We got home late last might.  Great trip.  We stayed in luxury at Disney; club level.  Unending amenities.  Steve organized our fast passes and everything ran like clockwork.  We all wore Disney wrist bands that opened doors, allowed us into the park, kept track of fast passes, served as charge cards and tracked our every move.  Disney now knows more about us than Google. Friday we moved to Universal and Douglas told us where and when to go.  The weather ranged from warm to cold with one morning of rain. We walked and walked and walked.  Mei Mei and I are quite exhausted.

We missed the entire incident involving The Boys from Covington.  Another case of the outraged and insane left wing tripping over themselves to get it all wrong.  Doesn’t matter of course because the important thing is to smear, denigrate and bloviate in mock outrage.  By the time the facts leak out that destroy the narrative, they are off making stuff up on some other topic.  I understand it all went something like this


We also missed PDT caving on the wall.  It may not be entirely true or even settled for that matter but however it gets framed, it doesn’t fall under the WINNING column.  Just remember as the days count down toward 2020 we do have a backup:

We retrieved Roscoe from Bonnie and Joe.  He sort of whined and tried to hide in the closet.  We dragged him home and he sulked all day.  Pearl was glad to see him.  

I don’t want to give A-OC any more notoriety  than she deserves which is nada, but I saw this cartoon and decided to post it for Pam who loves Blond jokes.

IMG 9230

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