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The word that must not be spoken ...

Uh… well.. sigh… OK.  I’m going to say it.  MONKEYPOX… There.  It’s out.  Why, you ask I am I so reluctant….? Do I fear that dreaded disease will strike my household..? Not really,  because that particular disease is pretty much exclusive to men who have sex with other males.  It used be be considered sodomy, then homosexual perversion and now it’s just “gay”.  Many folks consider those acts to be a sin that God does not condone and punishes.  Remember  AIDS…?  In any case to link negative vibes with the LGBTQxyz community is cause for cancelation at best and more likely violent counter action condoned and supported by Federal law agencies at all levels.  So… sort of keep this between us, OK?. 


And now we segue from the perversion of sexuality to the perversion of political theater.   Today, the release of economic date revealed the second quarter of a shrinking economy. By almost universal acceptance, this phenomena is called: wait for it… A RECESSION.  That’s the book definition.  The observational definition is wrapped in the pain of reduction in jobs, business losses, inflation, layoffs and the general malaise of people whose vital expenses exceed their income. Again; RECESSION.  Ah… but the democrats don’t see it that way do they…?  For an entertaining give and take between FOX (Peter Doocy) and the oh so articulate White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, go here

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