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The year is getting old

Not quite old yet, but getting close. I noticed this morning that the golf course is shedding its feathery green summer wear for the shaggy brown woolens of winter.  Always a depressing sign.

This morning the headlines of the vaunted Virginian -Pilot (democrat) featured an expose on the fact that AGW will soon be killing us all.  Actually it was a hit piece from the WP on PDT.  It is his fault we will will all soon die in a fiery explosion  caused by neglect of the many warnings over the years.  All went unheeded by evil deniers; with PDT as the prime antagonist.  I would quote some of the irrefutable, fact based arguments but…. uh … well, you know.  

Fortunately there is salvation.  We have the ability to actually dim the sun… Right… An so shall we be saved… but we all know that dimwit President will not allocate resources to save the important people.  Instead he focuses on military spending and border security… It just makes a person want to...


So anyway, how are things at the border…?  Apparently Mexico is not all that happy with the immigration picture.  They complain of criminal behavior observed among the migrant.  And when Mexico complains of criminal, it must be really bad.  


And this one from the Saturday cartoons:

Otherwise the political humor of the cartoons was weak. Among the non-political but off-the-wall:


Come on… You know it made you at least smile…

Roscoe heard a Subaru motor in the street and thought it was Bonnie or Joe coming to visit.  He yelped and whined and raced to the door.  Alas… it was just passing by.  He lives a morose life nowadays, as an only dog.  No competition for the morning peanut butter or affection from the (almost) old folks…  I guess we need a foster…

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