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There is a point...

Where you accept the insanity of those in positions of governance.  Yeah… OK.  we’ll kill the economy because you tell me it is necessary for mankind to survive this pandemic.  Yeah.  OK. We’ll cover our mouth and nose with a porous cloth in pretense it will prevent a microscopic virus from entering or leaving. It’s for the public good.  Then the actors reveal themselves for what they are:  ignorant politicians either drunk on power or ideologically twisted.  Case in point: fauci.  The man is simply a bureaucrat who has been at the public trough way too long pretending his doctor credentials are relevant. He hasn’t treated an actual patient in decades. He has demonstrated zero credibility in declaring measure to fight this disease, especially with respect to his involvement with China and THE VIRUS.  Why exactly does it make sense to collaborate with the chinese on weaponizing a virus… Gasp… I am unable to get my admittedly limited mind around that one…


I say again: Climate change does exist and has existed from the point in time when “God created the heavens and the earth”.  There is no mandate to “fix” it.  We couldn’t fix it even if Algore and little Greta were granted fauci like powers.

In other news Ladybug will be adopted.  Not sure by whom but at least one and maybe two families want her.  I am pretty sure she would prefer to stay here but that, sadly is not an option.

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