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Today marks 60 years of intervening life since we of the class of ’61 tossed our hats in the air in celebration of graduation.  Many of my classmates died early; two were with Thresher when she went down; others were lost in Vietnam; some passed in accidents.  The class Secretary sends out messages almost daily noting another classmate gone.  I have often told the story of our 20th reunion.  Some were just leaving the Navy while others were moving on.  Everyone was very competitive. The underlying question was how much money are you making…? How successful has your career been…? Are you in the queue for flag…?  How big is your office…? Yet five years later, at the 25th, the questions changed.  How many grandkids do you have…?  How’s your golf game…?  When can we get together and enjoy telling some sea stories…?  Now we are a fading demographic… Thanks to God, I’m not old yet…


Tomorrow is our 60th  wedding anniversary but that’s another story…

it’s pretty obvious now that the covid escaped from the chinese lab.  Of course it did.  The proof is in the DNA of the virus and the “science” demands that explanation.  There will never be confirmation. The Chinese will never admit it and any evidence to the facts has long been erased, along with people who may have had first hand knowledge.  In the US, the virus became a political tool to remove xPDT and so it was politically incorrect to impute the Chinese...


Ladybug has returned home lifting our pack to four once again.  She was tested at another foster home to see how she would fare when separated from her sibling.  She did well and so the test ends.  Here she is with Gracie Pearl.

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