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After a very hot day on the golf course:


And besides all that I am outraged… Are you aware Tom Brady is continuing to play football t the age of 43… Could things get any worse…? And how about that avocado shortage in New Zealand…? It’s causing a fruit crime wave…  Twelve…That’s TWELVE… camels were disqualified from a beauty pageant in Egypt over botox allegations.  It’s unbelievable… Thank God people here in the land of freedom and capitalistic democracy people are rational and thoughtful.  What’s that…?  Kavanaugh hearings…? They what…? Who were they…?  Oh…never mind.

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Happy Birthday Tika.  I believe she turns 29 but with the wisdom of a sage, much older woman.  We are very fortunate, and by we I mean Scott, that she hasn’t reached that age where life experience begins to degrade wisdom.  

Family news is sparse these days.  Kathleen calls frequently to say she has no news. The remainder continue to live anonymously in seclusion.  Perhaps they entered the witness protection program.  At least we know they are not democrats or we would have heard them wailing.  

Harry is still hanging in there.  He sometimes will use the ramp to return to the house but most of the time he refuses and has to be carried up the steps.  He really doesn’t like to be carried either and expends more energy trying to escape than it would take to get up the ramp.  I do have a sign in the kitchen “MY DOG IS A DEMOCRAT”.

Do I have a comment on NIKE and it’s endorsement of Kapernick…? Yes, of course.  But it is unprintable and  incoherent. Ramirez, as always says it best:



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