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is the middle child of the week.  It gets no respect.  Trapped between hump day and the end of the working week, nothing goes right on a Thursday.  Occasionally there is the exception.  For example today the hostages from NorK came home.  Most of the news was on Wednesday but PDT greeted their arrival early this morning.  If he was hoping for acknowledgment of his heavy role in the release, he had only the toot of his own horn to mark the occasion.  According to the news interpreters, we have been here before, what ever that means, so don’t get too excited.  PDT can still screw this up just like he did with the Iranian deal.  Anyway back to Thursday… My real beef is I have to go to the dentist today for cavity work under an existing crown.  Sigh…

My doctor reported that the recent echocardiogram of my cybernetic augmented primary circulation pump showed it was still there and functioning.  Always good, to know one is still alive, especially when one is, you know… almost old. 

The official transfer of Halley has been effected.  She won’t leave here until Saturday morning but she is now a member of another pack.  Disregard the tear stains.  I just got something in my eye.

The McCain chronicles make me sad.  His incredible survival from the worst that human nature can inflict through what I consider to be the definition of malicious torture, is at the least, heroic.  However his career and public persona have been disappointing.  Those who knew him at a personal level aren’t really surprised but given his notoriety, he never met expectations.  Clown is the best we can assign.  His brain is diseased and is killing him so condemnation of recent outbursts that accompany his well established lack of reason is pointless. God grant him peace.

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And then there is the rosie campaign donation fun and games wherein she knowingly and deliberately cheated.  She pays no price in contrast to the persecution of D’Sousa who was convicted of a lessor crime by the hussein administration because... democrat.

As one would expect the Schneiderman crimes and disgrace have faded from the new interpreters vision almost as quickly as the attempted assassination of republican congressmen.  Don’t even remember the attempted murder of Scalise do you…?  

All right.  It’s time to go to the dentist.  Sigh..  In any case it’s less painful than four-putting from 10 feet.  I ought to know...

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