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Today is the day

Yes.  The TV repairman returns to once again grace our household with his quizzical look and vacant effort.  This time he is supposed to arrive with parts; tools even, to disassemble and punish the ill behaving device. 


Coincidentally, the geothermal tech will also visit for the spring tuneup.  It’s 38 degrees out but he will check out the AC to be sure we can get cooling out of the ground water.  I wonder who will have more success.

We know that FaceBook makes it’s $billions$ by collecting and manipulating the data currency from the users. Much more valuable than bitcoin.   At least I know that.  It’s nefarious, anti-constitutional and rotten to the core.  The system can be and is used to influence thinking in a way that made the subliminal advertising of the decades past seem absolutely trivial.  But as long as it was being used to submerge conservative thought and to get democrats elected, hey, what’s the harm…?  

Then the unthinkable happened: The system was exploited by folks not aligned with the left. Red flags.  Outrage. Investigate this corruption.  Mea Culpa from the FB billionaires… It makes me sick.  And the really sad part is we could kill the whole system by simply plucking the poison quill.  But we don’t.  We just let it happen.  Our protectors would save us by inserting government into the process.  We already have that.  It’s called the F-B-I.


How exactly, after 8 years of screwing up government, do the democrats get back in power…? Simple.  Just let republicans be in charge.  Omninus spending bill…?  You’ve got to be kidding…


Clearly I need to take my meds… 

aa© Robert Graham 2012