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as we experience the 8th successive day of rain, I wonder once again if I must accommodate two democrats on the ark… or, with apologies to dear friends, even cats…  I admit my hypocrisy in accepting dogs when I know they are pure democrats at heart…


When I served on a jury trying a member of the hispanic gang community for murder, I came to realize that my world and that of the defendant had no points in common.  The description of the life style and moral code of his community that emerged during the trial was incomprehensible to me.  Some would say that defines white privilege, but I disagree because there are other subcultures in our America whose Venn diagrams do not intersect with mine.

The Beltway political and power structure in a prime example.  I, in my naivety, imagine that those in governance are seeking to make life better.  But the reality is they live in a world where they maneuver to extend their power in any way possible.  They take victory from making the other side vote for what they perceive as a negative position. They speak in condescending platitudes and then pour their brandy and laugh at the truth.  I don't comprehend that culture and so I wander without, whining and wondering.  

In other news, Texas bared the reality of green power as the ice descended on wind farms and froze them solid.  I am guessing the solar farms didn’t do well in the snow either.  

helicopter de-ices wind turbine 02-15-2021

I have a ton of cartoons with which to ridicule cuomo and his criminal reign of terror, but that’s for another rainy day…

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