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Todays Dissertation

for my very tiny audience is on right and wrong.  According to my reading of C.S. Lewis, one of his major arguments for the existence of God is that every society across the worldly spectrum, measured in civilizations and time, have had a code of behavior.  That code made some things acceptable and some things unacceptable: as in right and wrong. The argument proceeds: were there no God why would anyone care?

I am not so self absorbed as to pick a fight with C.S. Lewis and I do not doubt for a moment that God exists.  My problem is the code.  The left side of my brain says that the proven conspiracy among members of the hussein administration, including the DOJ and FBI, to delegitimize and and disable a properly elected President of the United States was and is wrong.  It was and is illegal, morally reprehensible and entirely unacceptable by any measure of society.  Within the echo chamber of my family, friends, acquaintances (considerable overlap) that judgement receives a resounding AYE.

And yet we have a significant population who consider themselves at least my moral equal if not vastly superior, that think my example of wrong is in fact right… The list of such disagreements is very, very long but includes some absolutes such as late term abortion; the proper identification of those eligible to vote; the observation of rights guaranteed in the Constitution; obedience to the Law as written; and yada, yada…

I guess the conclusion is that almost universally, those who define right as I do are Christian or at least accept their moral code from the Bible, with or without a new Testament.  I cannot speak for the others but cannot hide the implication.


So I’ll skip over the calls for abolishment of the Electoral College, the packing of SCOTUS, the rejection of the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution by the geniuses of the Left.  For a while anyway.



aa© Robert Graham 2012