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Too many

Stupidities to know where to begin.  For starters, let talk about red lines.  Apparently  p* is worried sick that he will violate one of putin’s “red lines” and open up war with Russia.  No additional aircraft for Ukraine because… fear.  No “no-fly” zone because… Fear… What exactly are the our “red lines”…?  Certainly bombing maternity hospitals isn’t one of them.  Certainly artillery shelling of civilian escape corridors isn’t one of them.  How about if putin uses chemical or biological attacks…? Sadly, there are no moral or ethical standards in this administration.  They will kill babies, celebrate perversion of gender, deny the citizens access to energy, fence off the capital grounds but please, please, don’t offend the enemy.

Then consider the lie that p* dropped on us the other day about the energy situation… He maintains his policies haven’t hindered oil production… It is to laugh.. The counter argument is so easy to make, i won’t bother.  Here is a link to the truth…  Read it and weep.

On to the trope that we need to rely on “clean energy”.  Has any advocate actually done the math…?  Leaving out gasoline for the moment, consider that every product in use today relies on petroleum.  Not just the base material but the every manufacturing process depends on natural gas for melting, annealing, tempering, cooking yada, yada.  Moving back to gas… battery powered electric cars are beyond stupid.  Like it or not our economy depends on trucks moving product to market… Electric 18 wheelers… are you kidding me… They would need a separate trailer for the batteries and can you even imagine truckers stopping even 2 hours to charge up…?  We can’t even produce the nickel and lithium required now… Don’t even get me started on lithium battery disposal...

Must be time for my meds…   Sigh...

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