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Tough week

A week ago today we watched the life fade from Harry’s eyes.  He seemed at peace; but I’m not.  It’s just a horrible decision to make and the pain lingers. I’m not sure God ever vested that authority in the corrupted souls of Man; and certainly not in this one.

The more I look at the election results the more I come to the realization that I am just out of touch.  The democrats won where they simply should not have.  They won in spite of the street violence, the radical  pronouncements of the most visible and with the full support of the news interpreters. Had feinstein, et al, not taken such a sickening, slashing, life destroying path against Kavanaugh. I am pretty sure the Senate would have fallen as well.  Why has this nation abandoned all that made Her great…?  Beats the slop out of me…?  Clearly my concept of rationality is a relic.

Roscoe is going mad with Lena in a reproductive state.  It’s not his fault.  She keeps encouraging him by backing in to the poor guy with her tail swishing to the side.  She wants to breed.  He wants to breed.  He can’t. She can’t.   Lena was supposed to be spayed.  Tte speculation is that Turkey does that procedure by removing the ovaries and sometimes that process is incomplete.  If they miss some tissue, the dog can exhibit the indications.  In any case, the two of them are driving us crazy.  Just a few more days, we hope, and Lena will lose interest. In the meantime it is a constant contest against the nature of the beasts with non-stop panting and interaction.  

The one small glimmer I see in the election is the fact that the democrats chose their candidates well.  They went for moderates and even a lot of ex-military.  For example the woman who unseated our representative, is a former Navy Commander who actually commanded a ship.  She registered republican in the past and actually admitted the voted previously for the man she defeated.  If those moderates vote for fancy nancy to be speaker and follow lock step in the democrat insanity, they will have to speak to why in the 2020 election.  It is probably beyond reason to hope the republicans will choose sensibly along the same line for their next candidates, but maybe…

Oh well… No sign of the world ending just yet.  That happens Saturday when we have the Sunday School Class over for a social and I am expected to provide the entertainment.  Sigh… Maybe Roscoe and Lena will entertain sufficiently…

The caravan is out of the news given the AG business and the interpreters cheering about those they helped elect.  It should come back into focus when they actually reach the border.  Good cartoons are MIA right now but this one seems to hit a mark:


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