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Again between hump day and the end of the week.  And with nothing to say.

The bad news is my chest cold continues to rage. Yesterday lost my balance and did a full gainer off the deck stairs onto the concrete deck.  I blame clogged ear canals.  I know my affinity for the water of life is suspect, but not the case this time.  The good news is I only sustained superficial injuries, proving once again I am not quite old.  My wrist is swollen and sore putting golf on hold for a short period.  

The SCOTUS has been considering the case of the baker who refused to do a cake for a gay marriage.  It is inconceivable to me that such a dispute could have sufficient importance that it must be resolved by the Supremes.  How is it that someone didn’t take the adult view that the gay couple were free to buy their cake elsewhere and deprive the baker of income…? The view that a pagan minority group has special inalienable rights not accorded to the majority is an anathema. 


I guess I had better stop now before I break any more laws of correctness.  Maybe what I need is a big glass of cockroach milk…

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