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Yeah, I’m pretty sure they are coming for me. You know… the FBI… Black helicopters, the Patriot act, rendition to some deep dark cellar in Bulgaria… Torture by immersion in rancid tuna fish… But still while i temporarily live in freedom I must continue to cite the examples of the muck within.  The WSJ covered the exoneration of two men accused and convicted of the muder of Malcom X.  One brief sentence within the article:  The FBI withheld exonerating evidence from the Defense… No one was held accountable of course but two men spent a lifetime in prison…  the same organization is tracking anyone who protests at a school board meeting.  They don’t have time to investigate the crimes of the biden family but plenty of manpower to investigate journalist who might embarrass the left wing nut house…  The crimes the FBI committed against xPDT are well documented in several valid investigations… Anyone held accountable…?  Nope… 


I once served on a jury at a murder trial and was in fact elected foreman.  I yield that information to cement my credentials as an expert.  So why in the name of all that is righteous and good hasn’t the jury exonerated Rittenhouse?  To call the prosecution a dumpster fire is an affront to dumpsters everywhere. An even better question is why hasn't the judge simply thrown out the case… If the verdict convicts Rittenhouse of anything, an appeal will toss it all in any case simply based on the illegal abuse of his 5th Amendment rights…  We all know the answers of course… The threats reverberate every day against the judge, the city, and all who might support a young man who defended his own life.  Equal justice for all… Where is the FBI on that one…?  I guess I might also ask where are the trials for the folks who burned the city that night… but what a waste of pixels...

In other news, our foster Honey will get a new home this weekend.  Two families have applied, both we have met in the past are are supremely qualified.  Just have to make the choice.  I’m pretty sure Honey will make it for us.

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