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I usually visit a friend in assisted care on Tuesdays but they have a case of the flu at the facility and are shut down.  Which brings to mind a headline from the AP in the paper this morning.  “First fatality from Omicron found in the UK”.  I read the story and discovered buried deep in the fourth or fifth paragraph was the statement “ Doctors are not yet sure if the patient died from underlying causes or from the covid variant .  There you have it folk… The true story of the massive number of wuhan deaths… 

A turning point in the A-N game was a fake punt on 4th and 1.  The ball was snapped to a blocker and he ran it or the 1st down.  That play turned out to be decisive in the Navy victory.  It also turned out to a mistake.  The coach called an actual punt but the snapper saw the blocker calling a defensive lineup and mistakingly thought a fake was being called.  He snapped the ball to a completely unaware Diego Fagot, the Navy linebacker.  Fagot somehow had the wits and skill to field the snap and run for  4 yards, breaking a tackle on the way giving Navy a first down.  Navy went on to kick a field goal to seal the game.  Story and video here

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