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is another orphan.  It’s a recovery day from the from the pains of Monday but doesn’t offer the hope of hump day tomorrow.  Actually that is a perspective I have lost since my only work day is one in which I must prepare a lesson plan.  Everything else can be procrastinated.

As I try to sort out the facts of the crises in the Catholic Church, it occurs to me that the commentary breaks down much in the same way as any political crises.  There is a liberal perspective and the opposite.  If I want  an overview of political thinking I go to RealClear Politics (link).  There one will find the headlines of current thinking from both the left and right including leading editorials.  Often the memes of the competing articles are completely contradictory.  In some Pope Francis is an evil conspirator while others excuse the Pope because of his exceptionally liberal view of the world.  Ground truth is hard to come by.

Fortunately there is a supreme arbiter whose judgements brook no appeal.  His decisions won’t be leaked to the news interpreters. My inclination is to let Him sort it all out.

The mess that swirls about the intended impeachment of the President has become so convoluted that I can’t remember who is who and what they did or didn’t do.  There was something highly incriminating about a meeting in Trump Tower that PDT either did or did not know about.  cnn has been screaming Chicken Little for so long their integrity is in shreds.  Now, as if anyone cares anymore, we find out that yet another cnn scoop was based on a lie.  Read here (link) if you still have the stomach, about Lanny Davis, a clintonista, and his admission to lying about rock solid evidence that PDT is a foul, scheming, lying, criminal law abuser.

For the record, the WP (link) thinks the above story is highly destructive to the SpecProc’s case.  ( in the event there is actually a case)


Lena continues to perform as a good Golden should.  She may be the perfect foster, if one ignores her incessant counter cruising and inclination to decide arbitrarily that the people have slept long enough and must be awakened by bathing their faces.  We need to get her adopted quickly before it’s too late.

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