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Tuesdays and Thursdays

Those are the days of the week that get sand kicked in their faces by the bad boys, Monday and Friday. Wednesday tries to mediate but has been so tarnished by the Geico camel commercial, its credibility is shot.  You can see where this is going… Hard to to add value on such a weak day of the week.

It isn’t really out there yet but the implication is wafting on the breeze that the Boeing 737 Max 8 crises can be clearly traced to PDT and the Russians.  Wouldn’t surprise me to read of cooperation from the CEO of Boeing with the SpecProc group.  adam schiff, (watch that spelling) is already rumored to have gone red face with outrage. I can’t understand the CNN latency.


Apparently chelsea c.  took some heat for a common sense condemnation of the omar antisemitism.  That resulted in a major SJW attack linking her to the New Zealand causation chain.  Ah when liberals attack liberals, the day just seems brighter to me.

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I suppose you are wondering how that interminable to-do list is coming along…. Well my answer comes from long debate experience and a study of how democrats defend their un-defendable hypocrisies..

Just shut shut.

The nice thing about that answer is it can be applied equally to my exercise program, diet and all mental health inquiries.  Have you even considered that perhaps the oxygen in the air is killing us but just takes 75 years or so to work..?  I attribute my own long life to years of holding my breath while under the water.

And now to close out this pathetic effort, I see where pretty sweet little GraciePearl , our very own democrat, has left me a present on the dining room rug… 



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