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Mike gave me grief because I don’t keep a TV repair scoreboard.  The problem is my math skills.  The home company for the TV is SAMSUNG.  I shout  again SAMSUNG.   Both the product and their warranty support suck.  For example: The last telephone contact I had resulted in a promise that I would receive a phone call within 48 hours from those to whom the problem had been escalated.  That was last Thursday at roughly 1600.  No call yet so clearly my math is the issue.

fried mac and cheese

Deep fat fried mac and cheese…Man... does it get any better than that… Maybe they could work in a Krispy Creme wrapper with a bacon-salted caramel topping.

I realize the weekend had a kids march and the Stormy interview.  I missed both and don’t seem to be any worse for the experience.  I read two books, killed a lot of undead monsters in defense of personkind and conducted a rare interview with one of my children.  I learned that skilled assassins almost always figure a way out of the ambush and have elicit relationships with the female they angered/abused/shot at, in the early pages of the book;  the undead, while apparently destroyed, will alway be there the next time around; and finally not all children march in the streets, protesting.   

I’d talk about what all we watched on TV but… well …

Time for my daily dose of frustrated anger therapy.  the number is 1-800- SAMSUNG…

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