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Because I so enjoy self-flagellation, I will detail the latest WRT my intercourse with SAMSUNG.  When last contacted I was assured the mechanism for an in-home swap out of my less than satisfactory TV for a new model, was approved and in progress.  Not only that but I was given an email address to allow me to get updates.  Process was to take 14 days.  14 days expires tomorrow and nothing heard.  No response to email inquiry.  What a surprise.  Called today and after 30 minutes of friendly discourse with Timmothy, and long periods on hold, was told basically the same thing.  Waiting for Executive level approval.  Should take another week.  Or so.  ( long expellation of breath here - resembling a sigh but with deeper aggravation)  BTW took the “survey” again. For some reason the system cannot accept unsatisfactory as a result.  Factor that in when you see how much customers love SAMSUNG.

big jimmy is becoming old news rather quickly.  I hear his book signings are poorly attended.  Even his loyalists are beginning to wonder when his 15 minutes will be up.  And how about he and macabe calling each other liars… great to know those two were the top echelon in the FBI….   NOT.

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Played pretty good golf yesterday.  Didn’t score well because of a couple of spectacularly bad holes but I was happy.  That says quite bit because it was cold.  And breezy.  Which means it was very cold.

This from a professor at California State University concerning the passing of Barbara Bush:


Any questions…?

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