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It’s those awkward days between Christmas and the New Year,  Too early to wish folks a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas seems late even though Christmas generally continues for 12 days.  Not to mention that it is 66 degrees out on it’s way to 73.  Strange climate.

Khloe, a 3 year old female golden, jumped into our lives yesterday.  She is full of energy and life.  Roscoe and Gracie look askance at the bouncing and toy chasing but as long as she keeps her nose out of their bowls they tolerate her presence.  She is the rare event in rescue dogs:  no apparent health issues and a pure blood line.  She was given up by a young military family with three kids who lived in an apartment.  She clearly had too much energy to manage in that space.  Note the toys and bones...

Both John Madden and dirty harry reid passed away yesterday.  I remember John Madden as the man who established Monday Night Football.  His commentary was the entertainment.  The game was incidental.  I remember harry reid as the personification of democrat sleaze and corruption.  He notably did away with the Senate filibuster for the confirmation of judges.  That was his legacy.  Thanks Harry because that led to xPDT being able to confirm a conservative SCOTUS.

p*, in the continuing debacle  that is his presidency, declared, after stating repeatedly he would defeat the wuhan, that there was no federal solution. ?????  That statement should void all mandates emanating from his office but… we know how that works. Every time I think he has bottomed out he demonstrates he is even more inept that I can possibly imagine.  I am no fan of the presidential spokes person but hers is among the most difficult of jobs.  Trying to explain and rationalize the p* muddle of contradictions and failure cannot help her sanity.  

  © Robert Graham