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bright light in the eastern sky.  Appears to be some sort of nuclear explosion.

Didn’t watch the Oscars.  Don’t know and don’t care.  I’m changing the subject:


Lena went home with her family.   Silly Goldens.  They are happy wherever and with anyone.  She is a bundle of energy so the house is quiet this morning.  Pearl is so laid back, we have to check to be sure she is still here.  She did sort of push Roscoe away from the egg plate this morning.  I think she is starting to like it here.

We went to a Renee Fleming concert with Bonnie and Joe on Saturday.  She can belt out a tune.  Most of her songs were operatic but she did a few familiar show tunes and came out for two encores.  She appears ageless so we looked up a few facts.  She sang Danny Boy at McCains funeral:

Very moving.

Another SS lesson coming up so my anxiety is ramping up.  We are dealing with Lee Strobel and his book a Quest for Christ.  He was a Chicago reporter and an atheist who went about proving Christ did not exist and ended up a Christian.  Should be an easy lesson but…

Back to that to-do list.  I scratched a few and added a few.  It never seems to go away.  Maybe after I get old…

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