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The national debt is $28,000,000,000,000 and growing at about  $30,000 a second.  There is not enough money in the world to pay the debt.  But the unimaginable part is how it is all managed.  I thought in my very simplistic way, that we just borrowed the money from China and Japan… Turns out Japan owns roughly $1.30T and China $1.1T… Pocket change as it were… The rest is created and owed by some magic process that allocates the remaining $26T and change among the general public and government agencies.  In other words we borrow from ourselves…   I can’t explain it and I am positive that p* and most of the congress is equally ignorant.  This is my reference for the process…  Good luck deciphering the magic.


My wounds are healing and the bandages gone.  Still ugly.  Sun block… Where were you when I was young…?

I know xPDT stretched a few truths in his day.  For that sin he was daily labeled and cursed as a liar by the news interpreters.  Every day.  p* doesn’t just lie, he makes up irrelevant false material as he mumbles.  Even the WP, the echo chamber for democrat propaganda, could not repeat p*’s garbage without some corrections in the form of Pinocchio’s… Raise your hand if you think anyone who critiques the Georgia Voting Law actually read any of it… Yeah….Me too.  no more Coke products in my house


If you are interested in a fun exercise, check out this link.  In short the page will lead you to discover what Google knows about you and your advertising vulnerabilities.  Try not to be surprised when you find out.  In theory one can delete the history and prevent the spying, but it is to laugh… Ha… FaceBook and Twitter, if you are users, has a similar, perhaps more extensive dossier…  But theirs are mere outlines compared to what the NSA has...


  © Robert Graham