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Teachers used to be among the most celebrated of folks.  They sacrificed wealth and fame for the sake of serving our children.  They worked long hours overtime without pay; they purchased school supplies out of their meager earnings for the underprivileged; they never complained.  Many became heroes and life long role models.  Then came the unions.  The pandemic showed that by in large the teachers were cowed and unwilling to put the children first.  They are infected with the disease of liberalism to the point where the welfare of the children is far down their list of priorities.  It is another case of rot in the fabric of our country that cannot be repaired.  The ruptures are tearing us down

We received a happy short video  of Ruby prancing in a pasture, barking at horses and enjoying the company of other dogs.  Made us a little teary, considering she spent 7 years being bred every 6 months, with heart worm and no prospects for a happy life.  In spite of my natural pessimism born out of sardonic contempt for my neighbor’s liberalism, some things are truly uplifting.

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