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We ordered take out from Chipotlle last night.  There was only one dish and we split it.  Two hours after eating Mei Mei was very sick… I was fine.  Hard to blame the food if we ate the same thing exactly but Mei Mei never gets sick…  She is feeling better this morning but elected to sleep in.  I am still fine except with her down, I am starting to feel sympathetically queasy…  Chipoltlle does have a checkered past WRT to bad food…

Big day today in Georgia… As I said before, this shouldn’t be close.  Sadly I am awash with doubts that republicans have the heart to defend us from another stolen election.  I don’t trust the so-called republican secretary of state.  He apparently recorded and leaked the phone call from PDT… he is a weasel and wears his RINO colors with pride.

The extent of the house democrats stupidity has yet to be defined. They reelect that bag of incoherent excrement as speaker…?  That they conflate the word AMEN with gender is an indicator that we have not yet found the limit.  Even casual research would reveal use of the term in Judaism and even Islam…  Gender neutral indeed.  

I am guessing I will get the covid vaccine about the same time I get a PS5… 


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