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Not blogging this week.  We are leaving Thursday for a wedding.  Busy life in the interim.  Pool gets opened tomorrow.  Landscaping is done.  Yard looks great.  Jackson is visiting Pa. with his family.

We got a new foster this morning.  Ginger is a 9 year old female.  Her owners had to go into care and couldn’t maintain Ginger so their son contacted the Rescue.  She is a typical Golden, adaptable and happy.  She’s a little nervous right now but that is normal.

IMG 1899

The house democrats are clearly demented and unable to accept the Mueller report.  Their outrage is so intense they are starting to believe their own tripe.  One wonders who exactly they representing ?  But I jest of course…


Gracie Pearl is at the groomers.  She is shedding a ton.  The petroleum smell lingers in the Van.  I did obtain a rubberized insert for the well in the back.  I may have to actually cut the carpet out and the insert will cover that mess nicely.

See you later….

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